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Australian Journal of Emergency Management

Australian Journal of Emergency Management CoverThe Australian Journal of Emergency Management (AJEM) is produced each quarter. Articles for AJEM are encouraged from contributors nationally and internationally and academic articles are peer reviewed, following a double blind refereeing process.

The Journal has been facilitating discussion and scholarly debate since 1985 and its pages have featured extensive analysis, considered views, lessons learned and insights into current and future issues.

The AJEM has been instrumental in documenting and tracking trends in emergency management and provides access to information and knowledge for the research and practitioner communities. The Journal is scholarly yet practical and each edition has a balance of academic and practitioner papers as well as commentary on the diverse topics in emergency management.

AJEM is available to subscribers in hard copy and publicly available online in PDF and HTML versions.

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Articles within AJEM are indexed onto the Australian Public Affairs Information Service (APAIS) by the National Library of Australia on a selective basis.

Articles within AJEM are also indexed onto the Informit - E-Library database by RMIT Publishing Pty Ltd.

AJEM has been accepted for inclusion in the International Directory of Open Access Journals which is managed by Lund University Libraries, Sweden.

AJEM is also indexed in the Australian Legal Journals Index Online published by LawBook.

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