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Tsunami – My Assignment


1. Build a glossary of at least 25 words related to tsunami. For each provide your own definition and the context in which it would be used. You may also like to include a diagram to help explain the term.
Example: Wave length is the distance between the crests of two waves. In the case of a tsunami it is very long – maybe 100 km, which means you have to be aware that there can be some time between waves reaching the shore.


2.  Produce an informative, well labelled flow chart to explain the development of a tsunami.

3.  Use a visual organiser to list the many consequences of a tsunami. Classify these consequences according to the following categories:

  • Category A: social or environmental or economic
  • Category B: short term or long term
  • Category C: small scale or large scale.

4. Look carefully at your finished diagram.

  • a. Describe what you observe about the consequences in category A.
  • b. Describe what you observe about the consequences in category B.
  • c. Describe what you observe about the consequences in category C.


5. Imagine that a severe earthquake has occurred between the Pacific and Nazca Plates – deep in the Pacific Ocean.
As a tsunami expert, you need to map out a possible path of the tsunami. Use the map below and show the following:

Tsunami map
Use this map to track a tsunami

  • a. the tectonic plate/plates involved in the earthquake
  • b. where the waves would spread to
  • c. a site where the waves will be very large
  • d. a site where the tsunami will be barely noticed.

6. Name the  countries that would be affected and show at least two on the map.

7. Is Australia in the path of the waves?

8. Image you are holidaying in the affected region. Outline your action plan.

9. What would be your key advice for the community? Justify.

  • Clue: Explore how a tsunami moves.



Factors to be considered include:


  • chosen glossary terms are relevant
  • glossary terms are clearly defined
  • context is correctly explained


  • all categories of impacts are recorded
  • at least 20 consequences are presented
  • observations are supported by diagrams.


  • map is completed correctly including a legend and title
  • countries are accurately identified
  • personal action plan is sensible and displays understanding of tsunami.


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