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Bushfires - My Assignment

The projects on this page will help you understand how bushfires are caused, the devastations communities face, ways to survive during a bushfire and how to better prepare your home and family should you be caught in one.

The projects allow you to share your findings and creativity with your class, teacher and family.

Are you in a bushfire prone region?

In this project, you should research the bushfire history in your region.

You can search newspaper articles, asking community members, researching the internet and contacting your local State and Territory Emergency Services (SES).

What are some precautionary steps that you can take to minimise the causes and spread of a bushfire?

Create an interactive map

Design an interactive map that highlights some of Australia’s most disastrous fires.

Australian bushfire seasons map Australian bushfire seasons map
Australian bushfire seasons map
(see the text on the left for more information)

Before you start on your project, think about what are some interactive resources you can use (small 3D images, flaps, questions, trivia, making it a game).

Share this map with your class and teacher.

The map on the right shows that northern Australia's bushfire season is during winter and spring, for central Australia it is spring and summer, and for southern Australia it is summer and autumn.

You can use your map to also show what season is the most active for bushfires where you live.

Research a major bushfire occurrence in Australia

Use different sources to research on bushfires and your chosen fire. Some resources could be using your library or classroom resources:

  • books
  • newspaper articles about the event
  • your local museum
  • internet
  • community members and your family.

In your project, you may want to highlight:

  • Where the fire started and what caused it?
  • Where it spread to?
  • Was someone responsible for the fires? If so, what happened to them? Were there consequences?
  • What damages were caused?
  • How long did the fire burn for?

These are just some points that you can use in your project. Present the project to your teacher when you have completed it and share it with your class and family.


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