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National Emergency Management Projects


National Emergency Management Projects

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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National Emergency Management Projects

The Australian Government established the National Emergency Management Projects (NEMP) program to fund emergency management projects of national significance. Successful projects support measures to strengthen communities, individuals, business and institutions to minimise the adverse effects of disasters in Australia. Projects funded through the NEMP program are designed to improve the ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters across social, economic, environmental and governance elements.

The NEMP program funds projects that are strategically targeted to deliver and support major, national, emergency management capability development activities.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • enhance natural disaster resilience for Australia
  • support natural disaster capability activities which deliver significant results for the national emergency management sector
  • encourage partnerships between governments, the private and third sector, communities, and individuals to increase natural disaster resilience.

The NEMP program is overseen by the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee (ANZEMC) and managed by the Attorney-General's Department.

How to apply

Please note: Applications for the 2015–16 NEMP funding round are now closed.

Applications for funding are sought nationally on an annual basis, typically in the second quarter of each financial year. Applicants are encouraged to check the Australian Emergency Management website for the opening of annual funding rounds.

Organisations eligible to apply include:

  • Commonwealth, state/territory and local governments agencies where that agency has responsibilities related to emergency management
  • non-government agencies responsible for emergency management responsibilities
  • the not-for-profit sector, universities and academic bodies undertaking work that supports national emergency management capability development and that meets the eligibility criteria of the NEMP.

The NEMP Program Guidelines can be downloaded below:

NEMP application cycle

Stage Description
Application phase
1 Funding round opens and the relevant documentation is uploaded to the Australian Emergency Management website.
2 Applications are submitted by the due date to the appropriate ANZEMC sub-committee for consideration. Late applications will not be accepted.
Assessment phase
3 Each ANZEMC sub-committee reviews, assesses and prioritises applications (high/medium/low/ineligible) for funding in line with the NEMP eligibility requirements and selection criteria.
4 The Super-CDSC (ie the Capability Development Sub-committee along with the Chairs and Deputy Chairs of the three other ANZEMC sub-committees) prioritises all high priority applications in line with the NEMP eligibility requirements and selection criteria.
5 Recommended high priority applications are submitted to ANZEMC for recommendation to the Commonwealth Minister for Justice.
Approval phase
6 The Minister for Justice makes the final decision on all successful applications. Information about successful applications is embargoed until an official announcement is made by the Minister for Justice. The Minister's decision is final.
7 The Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department advises all applicants on the outcome of their application in writing.
8 All applications approved for funding under the NEMP program are published on the Australian Emergency Management website.

Further information

Relevant policies and priorities can be accessed on the following pages:

More information on the NEMP program can also be found on the Frequently asked questions page. For other enquiries regarding the program, contact the NEMP team at

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