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National Emergency Management Projects


National Emergency Management Projects

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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National Emergency Management Projects

The Australian Government established the National Emergency Management Projects (NEMP) grant program to fund emergency management projects of national significance. Successful projects support measures to strengthen communities, individuals, business and institutions to minimise the adverse effects of disasters in Australia. Projects funded through a NEMP grant are designed to improve the ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters across social, economic, environmental and governance elements.

All projects are assessed by the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee (ANZEMC) for recommendation to the Minister for Justice for funding.

The ANZEMC focuses on strengthening the nation’s resilience to disasters by providing strategic leadership on nation-wide emergency management policy and through supporting related capability and capacity development activities within Australia.

The NEMP funds projects that are strategically targeted to deliver and support major, national level, emergency management capability development activities. Proposed initiatives which do not achieve substantial and sustainable outcomes in support of Australia’s natural disaster resilience objectives are not considered eligible for funding. Project applications must:

  • be consistent with the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience
  • achieve substantial national outcomes
  • identify a national emergency management capability gap
  • have sustainable outcomes with consideration given to national implementation and long-term sustainability
  • take into consideration future funding commitment considerations (multiple-year funding will be considered with appropriate milestones, whilst recurrent funding will not be considered).

NEMP projects should align with the policies and priorities of the Council of Australian Governments, Standing Council on Police and Emergency Management and the ANZEMC.

Relevant policies and priorities can be accessed on the following pages:

NEMP Grant Guidelines can be downloaded below:

Applications for the FY2014–15 NEMP funding round are now closed.

For more information on the NEMP grant program, email