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Historical Disasters - Granville Rail Disaster

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 Historical Disasters - Granville Rail Disaster

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About the Granville Rail Disaster

At 6.09 am on 18 January 1977, a passenger train left Mt Victoria for Sydney. At 8.12 am it derailed whilst negotiating a left hand curve near Granville Railway Station and struck the Bold Street railway bridge. The bridge then collapsed on to the train crushing some of the carriages. Eighty-three people died and 210 were injured.


Granville Train Disaster (NSW Fire Brigades)
Granville Rail Disaster (Granville Historical Society)
Granville Rail Disaster (About NSW)

Library resources

The following books and journal articles are available to library members on request.  To find more resources in the library collection, download the Granville rail disaster bibliography or search the library catalogue.


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Journal articles

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