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Historical Disasters - Black Saturday Bushfires

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 Historical Disasters - Black Saturday Bushfires

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About the Black Saturday Bushfires

On 7 February 2009 as many as 400 fires were recorded across Victoria. Seventy-eight communities were affected, 173 lives were lost and 2029 homes were destroyed. It is estimated that the fires caused over $1 billion worth of damage.


Library resources

The following books and journal articles are available to library members on request. To find more resources in the library collection, download the Black Saturday Bushfires bibliography or search the Library Catalogue.


  • Firestorm: Black Saturday’s tragedy, 7th February 2009, Glenvale School Lilydale, Lilydale
  • Franklin, R 2009, Inferno: the day Victoria burned, Slattery Media, Docklands, Vic.
  • Haw, P 2009, Community recovery after the February 2009 Victorian bushfires: a rapid review, Department of Health, Melbourne
  • McGourty, J (ed.) 2009, Black Saturday: stories of love, loss and courage from the Victorian bushfires, HarperCollins, Pymble, N.S.W.

Journal Articles

  • ‘Attributing blame in the Black Saturday wildfires’, Risk Frontiers, Vol.8 No.2, pp.1 – 2.
  • Breer, S 2009, ‘Marysville: a scene of complete devastation’, Fire Australia, Autumn, pp.30 -31.
  • Jessup, C 2009, ‘Now that the flames are out’, Crisis Response Journal, Vol.5 Issue 3, pp.12 – 13.
  • Merritt, S ‘The fire goes on...and on’, Fire Australia, Autumn, pp. 14 -16.

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