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Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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 Library Subject Guides - Resources for Schools

This subject guide provides an overview of the resources available from the Australian Emergency Management Library, and will help you search for resources for schools.  This information in this guide is designed for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.

Online publications and resources

The Attorney-General's Department provides a range of free publications and resources for schools and the community, including:


Searching the library catalogue

The library has a special schools collection which includes teacher reference material and information books for projects.  To search the schools collection, go to the library catalogue, and click on the schools collection menu button.  You can then enter keywords to search for items in this collection.  Try using these search terms:

  • Disasters
  • Fires
  • Cyclones
  • Drought
  • Storms

Library resources

The following books and journal articles are available to library members on request. To find more resources in the library collection, download the:

Alternatively, you can search the library catalogue.  If you are not a member, find out how to join the library.

Teacher Reference Books

  • After the emergency: a book to help kids cope with emergencies 2009, Australian Red Cross, Carlton, Vic.  Available on Australian Red Cross website.
  • Bourke M. & Mraz J. 2000, Swirling winds, dry earth, Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Camberwell South, Vic.
  • Disasters: a cross-curricular theme 2001, R.I.C. Publications, Perth.
  • Mraz, J. 2002, Bushfires: a threat to people and places, Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Camberwell South, Vic.
  • Ready and able: lower secondary emergency awareness education resource 2000, West Education Centre, Newport, Vic.
  • Watch out: staying safe in the neighbourhood 2006, Department of Emergency Services, QLD.
  • Water water everywhere 1999, Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Camberwell West, Vic.
  • You can survive: emergency preparedness education package 2000, Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia, Perth, W.A.


The following journals can be viewed on the publisher’s website, which may only allow you to access to the tables of content or abstracts. Copies of articles can be obtained by contacting the Library.

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