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The Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) is a Centre of Excellence for knowledge and capability development in the national emergency management sector. As a part of the Attorney-General's Department, Emergency Management Australia division, AEMI provides a range of education, training, professional development, information, research and community awareness services to the nation and our region.

AEMI was established at Mount Macedon in Victoria in 1956 as the Australian Civil Defence School. Since then, AEMI has had a significant role in building the capacity and professionalism of the emergency management sector in Australia.

As part of the 2014–15 Budget, the Australian Government announced that AEMI will vacate its Mt Macedon premises and operate out of Canberra. The transition process, to be completed by mid-2015, will allow AEMI greater flexibility to deliver emergency management education and training, and products and services in new and innovative ways. AEMI is committed to the continued delivery of the Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) as well as many of the current AEMI programs, and to develop new products and services to enhance the building of national disaster resilience.

Looking to the future, AEMI’s role as the national Centre of Excellence for emergency management education and training is both valued and assured. What is changing is only the aspects of how AEMI will deliver emergency management education and capability development by being more agile and responsive to the needs of jurisdictions and to agencies with emergency management contexts.

The AEMI Transitioning Team, led by Mark Crosweller, Director-General Emergency Management Australia, is currently working through developing the future education delivery products, as well as the community engagement and knowledge management products and services that will continue to meet the needs of the sector and wider community.

The AEMI Transitioning Team is open to hearing your feedback via

Please keep referring to this page as we will continue to provide updates during the transition period.

Upcoming courses

Community in emergency management
3-6 February 2015

Facilitate emergency planning process
10–12 February 2015

Design and manage exercises
24–27 February 2015

Manage recovery function and services 
10-12 March 2015

Coordinate resources for a multi-agency incident 
24–26 March 2015

Conduct and manage evaluations
24-27 March 2015

Develop and maintain business continuity plans 
30 March to 2 April 2015

Facilitate emergency planning process
7–9 April 2015

Develop and use political nous
14–16 April 2015

For more information please email or telephone 03 5421 5100.

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