Australian Tsunami Warning System Publications

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 Australian Tsunami Warning System Publications

On this page you can find a range of Australian Tsunami Warning System publications. This suite includes information for the general public, recreational marine users and recreational boaters.

Tsunami Awareness

Download the:

Brochures in other languages:

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Arabic [PDF 326KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Cantonese [PDF 562KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Croatian [PDF 289KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Greek [PDF 302KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Italian [PDF 293KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Korean [PDF 516KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Macedonian [PDF 299KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Spanish [PDF 295KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Turkish [PDF 291KB]

Tsunami Awareness Brochure - Vietnamese [PDF 300KB]


Tsunami Information for Recreational Boaters

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Tsunami Information for Recreational Marine Users

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New South Wales residents

If you live in New South Wales, please download:

Queensland residents

If you live in Queensland, please download:

Western Australia residents

If you live in Western Australia, please download:

Tsunami Awareness Show

Emergency Management Australia has worked closely with Questacon to develop a Tsunami Awareness Show. To view the Tsunami Awareness Show, go to the EMA Schools Website.

Tsunami Community Education Kit for Aboriginal Australians in Remote Coastal Communities

A Tsunami Community Education Kit has been specifically designed for Aboriginal Australians in remote coastal communities. This Kit contains a range of information tools aimed at educating coastal communities about tsunami warnings and procedures to stay safe in the event of a tsunami and includes:

  • Two educational DVDs about tsunami:
    • Tsunami Warnings…What You Should Do (for Aboriginal Australians in Remote Coastal Communities)’. Indigenous language narratives have been used for this DVD.
    • ‘Questacon Tsunami Awareness Show’.
  • Three posters (created by an Indigenous artist) that show how communities should respond to tsunami warnings.
  • One Tsunami Awareness Lesson Plan  for school teachers.
  • One Lesson Plan Poster template for children to draw/write their own tsunami story.
  • Twenty tsunami warning stickers.

Should you like to order a copy of this Kit or would like to provide feedback, please email the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department at