Australian emergency management handbook and manual series


Australian emergency management handbook and manual series

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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Australian emergency management handbook and manual series

The Australian Emergency Management handbook and manual series has been developed to assist in the management and delivery of support services in a disaster context. The principles, strategies and actions within the handbooks have been compiled by practitioners and managers with extensive service delivery experience in a range of disaster events.

This series has been developed by a national consultative committee representing a range of state and territory agencies and is sponsored by the Attorney-General's Department. Each title within the series is reviewed on a regular basis.

The Australian emergency management handbook and manual series can be downloaded for free using the links below. Printed copies of the handbook series are also available for purchase.

Australian Emergency Management Handbook series

Access the Australian Emergency Management Handbooks from the links below.
Handbook title: Handbook number:
Disaster Health Handbook 1
Community Recovery Handbook 2
Managing Exercises Handbook 3
Evacuation Planning Handbook 4
Communicating with People with Disability: National Guidelines for Emergency Managers Handbook 5
National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Community Engagement Framework Handbook 6
Managing the floodplain - a guide to best practice in flood risk management in Australia Handbook 7

Lessons Management
Lessons Management (Arabic)

Handbook 8
Australian Emergency Management Arrangements Handbook 9

Australian Emergency Manuals Principles and Reference series

Download the Australian Emergency Manuals from the below links.
Manual title: Manual number:

Emergency Management Concepts and Principles

Manual 1

Australian Emergency Management Glossary

Manual 3

Australian Emergency Management Terms Thesaurus

Manual 4

Emergency Risk Management Applications Guide

Manual 5

Implementing Emergency Risk Management:
a facilitators guide to working with committees and communities

Manual 6

Planning Safer Communities: Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards

Manual 7

Emergency Catering

Manual 8

Safe and Healthy Mass Gatherings

This manual is withdrawn pending review


Health Aspects of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Hazards

Manual 13

Post Disaster Survey and Assessment

Manual 14

Urban Search and Rescue: Capability Guidelines for Structural Collapse

Manual 16

Multi-Agency Incident Management

Manual 17

Community and Personal Support Services

Manual 18

Managing the Floodplain

Manual 19

Flood Preparedness

Manual 20

Flood Warning

Manual 21

Flood Response

Manual 22

Emergency Management Planning for Floods Affected by Dams

Manual 23

Reducing the Impact of Landslides

Manual 24

Guidelines for Psychological Services: Emergency managers Guide

Manual 25

Guidelines for Psychological Services: Mental Health Practitioners Guide

Manual 26

Disaster Loss Assessment Guidelines

Manual 27

Economic and Financial Aspects of Disaster Recovery

Manual 28

Community Development in Recovery from Disaster

Manual 29

Operations Centre Management

Manual 31

Small Group Training Management Manual

Manual 41

Emergency Planning Manual

Manual 43

Guidelines for Emergency Management in Culturally and
Linguistically Diverse Communities

Manual 44

Guidelines for the Development of Community Education, Awareness and Engagement programs

Manual 45

Tsunami Emergency Planning in Australia

Manual 46


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Skills for Emergency Services Personnel series (Manuals 30, 32, 34 – 40)

Download the Australian Emergency Manuals from the links below.
Manual title: Manual number:

Storm and Water Damage Operations (3rd Ed.)

Manual 30


Manual 32

Land Search Operations

(Previously Manual 33)

Road Rescue

Manual 34

General and Disaster Rescue

Manual 35

Map Reading and Navigation

Manual 36

Four Wheel Drive Vehicle Operation

Manual 37


Manual 38

Flood Rescue Boat Operation

Manual 39


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