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Australian Emergency Management

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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Australian Emergency Management

Upcoming events


Four jigsaw pieces depicting fire flood storm and cyclone with the words Connection! 2014.

14–18 July 2014
Workshops, forums, masterclasses, expert panels.
Limited places, book now

Australian Emergency Management Institute

Accredited training

Develop and use political nous
22–24 April 2014

Facilitate emergency risk management
5–9 May 2014

Establish and manage a recovery centre
7–8 May 2014

Coordinate resources for a multi-agency incident
26–29 May 2014

Professional development

Volunteer leadership program
12–16 June 2014

To find out more, visit the Australian Emergency Management Institute page.


National Security and Emergency Management Knowledge and Lessons Management Workshop
29 April to 1 May 2014

five symbols in circles—cyclone, fire, flood, earthquake and storm

Disaster Resilience Education for Schools

Screenshot from the Disaster Resilience Education for Schools website

This website provides the key online access point for emergency management information from the Australian Government. The Minister for Justice is responsible for national emergency management and disaster resilience. The site provides information about Australian and regional emergency management, in a national security context, including content on policy formulation, national emergency operations and development of national and international capability. For more information visit our organisation page.

For information on recovery assistance following a disaster visit the Disaster Assist website.

The latest emergency management media releases:

2014 Resilient Australia Awards logoResilient Australia Awards

Applications are now open for the 2014 Resilient Australia Awards. The awards program is celebrating its 15th anniversary and welcomes submissions from organisations and individuals across a range of sectors including not-for-profit, private, government and education. For more information visit the Resilient Australia Awards page in the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub.

Emergency Management Australia Podcast

The Attorney-General’s Department produces the Emergency Management Australia Podcast. New episodes are published monthly and cover the latest issues in emergency management from dealing with bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis, to complex policy development or program delivery. We draw our content from the emergency management community, including interviews with everyone from the Australian Government Minister for Justice to the volunteers on the ground. Subscribe free of charge through iTunes, or directly from our hosting provider Buzzsprout.

Suggest content for future episodes through the Emergency Management Australia LinkedIn group.

Australian Journal of Emergency Management

Image of the front cover of the January edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management.

The latest volume of AJEM is now available. This is a special edition on children, youth and education. This edition includes research and articles that consider the vulnerability of children and younger people and explore how they can be strong contributors to collaborative and community-based solutions. Education and other initiatives can provide children and youth with growing competencies for managing problems such as disasters.

To view the journal, visit the AJEM Current Issue page.



Minister for Justice Michael KeenenLaunch of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has launched the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre. The centre was established with a $47 million contribution over eight years from the Australian Government—a commitment that was supported by the states and territories.

The centre will conduct coordinated and interdisciplinary research, including working with communities to improve disaster resilience and reduce the human, social, economic and environmental costs from bushfires and other natural hazards. For more information visit the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC website.


Front cover of the Community Engagement Framework handbookNEW—National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Community Engagement Framework

Ministers approved the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Community Engagement Framework at the Standing Council of Police and Emergency Management meeting 4–5 July 2013.

Designed specifically for the emergency management sector, the framework offers a practical approach to community engagement—placing community at the centre of the process. It is available for download as Handbook 6 of the Australian Emergency Management Handbook Series from this website.



Cover of Communicationg with people with disability handbook

Communicating with people with disability—National guidelines for emergency management

These guidelines have been designed to support emergency managers to better understand the varied communication needs of people with disability. A quick guide has also been developed that can help emergency managers identify ways to address the communication needs of community members. More information can be found on the Communicating with People with Disability: National Guidelines for Emergency Managers page.


Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub launched

Phase Three of the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub has been launched by the Attorney-General and Minister for Emergency Management. The Knowledge Hub provides information and an evidence-base to help Australians plan and better prepare for disasters. For more information visit the Knowledge Hub.

National Strategy for Disaster Resilience

In February 2011 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) adopted the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience. This strategy provides guidance on building disaster resilient communities across Australia. To access the strategy, visit the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience page.Disaster Watch phone app

DisasterWatch phone app

The Attorney-General's Department supports the free DisasterWatch phone app providing news and information about disaster events in Australia. Since its launch, more than 29,000 downloads have been recorded. To access details on the app, visit the DisasterWatch phone app page.

Triple Zero (000)

Knowing how to call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency can be the difference between life and death. The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. It should be used to contact police, fire or ambulance services in life threatening or emergency situations. Calls to Triple Zero (000) are free and can be made from mobile, home, payphone and work phones. For more information, visit the Triple Zero (000) page.