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Natural disaster mitigation program


Natural Disaster Mitigation Program

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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Natural Disaster Mitigation Program

From 2009, funding under this program ceased with the Commonwealth's contribution included in the new National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience.

No further applications under this program will be accepted. The following is background information about the Natural Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP).

The NDMP was a national program aimed at identifying and addressing natural disaster risk priorities across the nation. Natural disasters such as floods, bushfires and tropical cyclones occur regularly across the Australian continent. They cause more than $1 billion damage each year to homes, businesses and the nation's infrastructure, along with serious disruption to communities. Scientific research indicates that more extreme weather events, and large-scale single events with more severe cyclones, storms and floods are expected in the future.

NDMP Approved Projects - download a list below of projects that were previously approved under the NDMP.

NDMP Project Case Studies - link for information on the Urban landside hazard in Tasmania, Living in the Bush CD ROM and the Mobile Stock Disposal System - improving the disposal of dead stock.