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Plans and arrangements


Jervis Bay Territory Arrangements

Australian Government: Attorney-General's Department - Emergency Management in Australia

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 Jervis Bay Territory Arrangements


There is currently no specific emergency management legislation in the Jervis Bay Territory (JBT). The Rural Bushfires Ordinance 2001 (JBT) provides for the Rural Bushfires Act 1997 (NSW) to apply within the Territory. Due to the location of the Booderee National Park, Territory legislation may be over-ridden by the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and the EPBC Regulations 2000.

The Commonwealth Minister for Home Affairs is responsible for emergency/disaster arrangements within JBT.

Emergency management

Jervis Bay Territory Emergency Management Committee

The Committee comprises the:

  • Attorney-General's Department (Chairperson)
  • Australian Federal Police, (Local Emergency Operations Controller - LEOCON)
  • Director of National Parks (Boodereee National Park)
  • JBT Rural Fire Service (Fire Control Officer)
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council

The Committee ensures that arrangements are made to prevent, prepare for, respond to and assist recovery from disasters.

If the magnitude or nature of an operation warrants, assistance may be sought from the Shoalhaven Local Emergency Management Committee.

Mutual aid agreement

A draft agreement details arrangements for mobilisation and coordination of resources between the JBT and the Shoalhaven district in response to disasters or emergency incidents where resources from either jurisdiction are required to respond across the border.

Emergency plan

The draft Jervis Bay Territory Disaster Plan details the agreed emergency arrangements for the Territory.

Control and coordination of operations

Whenever the emergency response required by a lead combat authority exceeds the scope of routine procedures, the Officer-in-Charge at the Jervis Bay Police Station, operating as the Jervis Bay Territory Local Emergency Operations Controller (JBT LEOCON), activates the Jervis Bay Territory Disaster Plan and exercises overall control and coordination of resources.

Authority to request Australian Government assistance

The person authorised as the single point of contact for requesting Commonwealth assistance with emergency/disaster operations in the Jervis Bay Territory is the JBT LEOCON.

Contact for emergency management matters

The Chairperson
Jervis Bay Territory Emergency Management Committee
Jervis Bay Territory Office
Village Road

Phone: (02) 4442 1006
Fax: (02) 4442 1063

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