Australian Government warnings

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. As part of their expertise and services, the Bureau issues warnings and watch notices to the public about severe weather patterns, including floods, fires, storms, tsunami, drought and tropical cyclones, via a range of mediums, including television, radio and RSS feeds.

See the Bureau of Meteorology Warning Services on the Bureau of Meteorology website for further information.

Australian Tsunami Warning System

Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Bureau of Meteorology jointly developed the Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS) at a cost of $68.9 million, to provide a comprehensive tsunami warning system capable of delivering timely and effective tsunami warnings to the Australian population.

The core component of the ATWS is the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC), operated by the Bureau and GA. Based in Melbourne and Canberra, JATWC has been established so that Australia has an independent capability to detect, monitor, verify and warn the community of the existence of tsunami in our region and possible threats to Australian coastal locations and offshore islands.

Each of the Bureau's Forecasting Centres maintain tsunami bulletin and warning distribution lists. In addition to the media, key agencies such as State and Territory emergency services, local councils and port authorities, receive the bulletin and warning messages, which are also posted to the Bureau's website - see the National Tsunami Bulletin for further information.

The activities undertaken by the Attorney-General's Department included national tsunami workshops for emergency managers and producing a suite of tsunami publications including brochures and activity sheets for children; an action guide; information sheets; Tsunami Community Education Kits for Aboriginal Australians in Remote Coastal Communities, and for Torres Strait Islanders; tsunami presentations and DVDs; an interactive CD ROM and electronic game, and targeted education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups and people with disabilities. See the Australian Tsunami Warning System Publications page for more information.